Gran Galà dell'Olio 2023 – Olio Licinivs

Gran Galà dell'Olio 2023

Licinivs extra virgin olive oil won "L'Oro d'Italia" and the first international award "L'Oro del Mediterraneo"

Licinivs Extra Virgin Olive Oil was honored at the Grand Gala of Oil 2023. Among the nominees were the best National and International Extra Virgin Oils. Well over 450 Oils are nominated in Italy and 1450 Oils are nominated for international companies. Ernesto Di Muccio's Farm holds the throne of the king of extra virgin both in Italy and abroad. With the night of the Oscars of excellence Di Muccio with his stratospheric oils took the whole scene from the beginning to the end of the Grand Gala of Oil.

"I really feel very excited and proud," Di Muccio stressed, "for our territory, nationally and internationally.