Refinement and Originality for your Events and Ceremonies! – Olio Licinivs

Refinement and Originality for your Events and Ceremonies!

Refinement and Originality for your Events and Ceremonies

Ceremony Gastronomic Food Favors with Licinivs Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Discover the new trends for wedding favors and surprise your guests with a unique and original gift of superior quality.
An exclusive object, in an elegant customizable package intended to sign unique and unforgettable events such as weddings, baptisms, communions and more.
The favor bottles of Licinivs EVO Oil are also perfect for personal and corporate events such as gifts for the participants, thanksgiving, inaugurations and much more.

If you are planning a ceremony and want to surprise your guests with exclusive and never dull wedding favors, you are in the right place, contact us now for a personalized quote.
The new trends in favors for ceremonies such as weddings, communions and baptisms are acquiring a different and deeper meaning.
Up until a few years ago, wedding favors were conceived as an object (sometimes even useless) to be placed in a piece of furniture to accumulate dust. Today, on the other hand, we are increasingly oriented towards paying homage to guests with a useful and original favor; perhaps linked to traditions and gastronomy always appreciated by all.
EVO Oil Licinivs draws inspiration from these trends to offer its precious extra virgin olive oil in elegant packaging boxes containing a small favor bottle.
These gifts will make your party a unique and exclusive experience for your guests, delighting them with a precious gift.

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